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Скачать Classification of Nuclear C*-Algebras. Entropy in Operator Algebras (Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences) бесплатно

Classification of Nuclear C*-Algebras. Entropy in Operator Algebras (Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences)
Springer | 2001 | ISBN: 3540423052 | Pages: 198 | DJVU | 1.85 MB

"... These notes [by E.Stormer] describe the main approaches to noncommutative entropy, together with several ramifications and variants. The notion of generator and variational principle are used to give applications to subfactors and C*-algebra formalism of quantum statistical mechanics. The author considers the most frequently studied examples, including Bernoulli shifts, Bogolyubov automorphisms, dual automorphisms on crossed products, shifts on infinite free products, and binary shifts on the CAR-algebra. The mathematical techniques and ideas are beautifully exposed, and the whole paper is a rich resource on the subject, either for the expert or the beginner. ..."

V.Deaconu, Mathematical Reviews 2004

"... the author gives a clear presentation of the dramatic developments in the classification theory for simple C*-algebras that have taken place over the past 25 years or so. ... As there is such a large amount of literature on the subject, this monograph article is particularly useful to the relative novice who wants to know the fundamental results in the theory without wading through a massive amount of detail. ...This monograph-length article is extremely well-written, filled with concrete examples, and has an exhaustive bibliography. I recommend it as an excellent introduction to graduate students and other mathematicians who want to bring themselves up-to-date on the subject. .."

J.A.Packer, Mathematical Reviews 2004



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