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Скачать Wireless Telecommunications FAQs бесплатно

Clint Smith, "Wireless Telecommunications FAQs"
McGraw-Hill Professional | ISBN: 0071341021 | 1 Sep 2000 | 432 pages | HTML | 2.8 MB

This book features: need-to-know, quick-scan wireless answers; readers' favorite FAQ format; coverage of the entire field; cellular and PCS; technology and network specifics, in plain English; radio, networks, real estate, and implementation with design and performance guidelines; 250 illustrations; expert author; and crib course in wireless basics. Wireless Telecom Answers in a Flash - now wireless newcomers and veterans alike can find all the get-ahead answers on technology and networking basics they need - in an easy-access, frequently asked question (FAQ) format. You'll find simply written, technically sound guidance on networks, radio systems, implementation, frequencies, filters, antennas, real estate, design, traffic engineering, and performance. For anyone in - or interested in - wireless telecom, this brilliantly organized book tops them all.

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