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Скачать The Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Political, Social, and Military History бесплатно

The Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Political, Social, and Military History
ABC-CLIO | 2008 | ISBN: 1851098410 | Pages: 1553 | PDF | 60.41 MB

This exhaustive work offers readers at multiple levels key insights into the military, political, social, cultural, and religious origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is one of the world's bloodiest, longest running, most intractable regional disputes. Yet through the last 60 years, despite intermittent progress toward peace, the struggle between Israel and its Arab neighbors has remained as frustrating and potentially devastating as it has ever been. "Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Political, Social, and Military History" is the first comprehensive general reference encompassing all aspects of the contentious Arab-Israeli relationship from Old Testament times to the present, with an emphasis on the era beginning with World War II."Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict" goes beyond simply recapping military engagements. In four volumes, offering 770 alphabetically organized entries, plus a separate documents volume, it provides a wide-ranging introduction to the distinct yet inextricably linked Arab and Israeli worlds and worldviews, exploring all aspects of the conflict. The objective analysis will help readers understand the dramatic events that have impacted the entire world, from the founding of modern Israel to the building of the Suez Canal, from the Six Day War to the Camp David Accords, from the assassinations of Anwar el-Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin to the rise and fall of Yasir Arafat, the 2006 Palestinian elections, and the Israeli-Hezbollah War in Lebanon.This title features: 770 alphabetically organized entries covering everything from important people, places, and events to a wide range of social and cultural topics - each entry featuring cross references and suggestions for further reading; a separate documents volume offering an unprecedented collection of over 180 essential primary sources; over 500 images, including maps, photographs, and illustrations; and, a comprehensive introductory overview by retired Major General Anthony Zinni.This work is the most comprehensive general resource available on the Arab-Israeli Wars. Its coverage is enhanced with primary and secondary source documents on the Arab-Israeli conflict. It ranges from Old Testament biblical times to the present, with an emphasis on the 20th-century events that have affected the entire world.



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