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Скачать Ready, Set, Research Guide for Compton's by Britannica: Blackline Masters Grades 6-12 бесплатно

Encyclopedia Britannica Editorial "Ready, Set, Research Guide for Compton's by Britannica: Blackline Masters Grades 6-12"
Encyclopedia Britannica, Incorporated | 2008-02 | ISBN: 1593394640 | 64 pages | PDF | 1,6 MB

Ready, Set, Research! is a set of reproducible masters that will help you guide your students through the research process for writing papers or making oral presentations. Examples and references from the Britannica Student Encyclopedia and the Britannica Elementary Web site reinforce the concepts presented in these pages.

Ready, Set, Research! is organized using
a five-step approach. Each step is introduced
in a separate lesson. For each lesson
students are given an opportunity to
practice the skills they have learned.
You and your students can use the evaluation
chart on page 27 to assess the
students’ understanding of the research
Step 1
Step 1 helps students prepare for an assignment
by making sure they understand
the assignment and by teaching them
to plan their time. It also helps students
learn to refine a topic by brainstorming,
learning to make an idea web, and creating
Step 2
Gathering Information
Step 2 teaches students where to go for
information (including both libraries
and Internet sites), how to use reference
books, and how to skim and scan for
Teacher’s Notes
Step 3
Recording and Organizing Facts
Step 3 introduces procedures for taking
notes, summarizing, citing sources (in
footnotes and bibliographies), and writing
an outline.
Step 4
Evaluating Information
Step 4 teaches students how to decide if a
topic has been covered, find extra sources,
and evaluate the information they have
Step 5
Making a Presentation
Step 5 provides guidelines for making
either a written report or an oral presentation.
For a written report the guidelines
include: organizing main ideas, writing
a draft, reviewing, revising, and creating
a final copy. For an oral presentation the
guidelines include creating note cards,
practicing, and using visual aids.
This research guide is designed for students
in grades 3 and up. The approach
reflects the curricula and study skills for
these grades.

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