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Скачать The Coptic Encyclopaedia, Vol. 1 бесплатно

The Coptic Encyclopaedia, Vol. 1
Aziz S. Atiya | Macmillan Library Reference | 1991 | ISBN: 002897025X | Pages lxxiii+316 | scanned PDF | 81 MB

This encyclopedia is a magnificent work, which opens up to the general Western reader not only the rich traditions of Coptic Egypt, but also those of Eastern Christianity and Near Eastern culture. Without question, it will remain the standard reference for the foreseeable future - both for lay readers and for the critical scholar. It belongs in every graduate library and in all serious undergraduate collections.

Contained in the eight volume set of The Coptic Encyclopedia are approximately 2800 entries. The cross refer- ence system to topics subsumed under larger entries will be very helpful to the reader. Volume one includes lists of entries in alphabetical order and by author. The set has contributions by well-known scholars and church leaders from more than 20 countries. The concept of producing a Coptic encyclopedia to conserve the Coptic heritage was the long-time vision of the editor in chief, Egyptian scholar Aziz Atiya. Financing for the encyclopedia came in part from the National Endowment for the Humanities. (See vol. 1, p. LXV for a list of supporters and private donors.) The encyclopedia has appeared in English probably for numerous very practical reasons but also for at least two idealistic reasons. Clearly one was to preserve the Coptic heritage as a field for academic study (vol. 1, p. LIX); and as one can see from the list of contributors, Coptic studies thrives in the West. Another reason was to inform the churches of the West from whose fellowship the Coptic Church has been separated since the fifth cen- tury C.E. (vol. 1, p. LXIII) .



The rest of the volumes will follow soon.

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