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Скачать Simon Adams, DK Eyewitness Guides: World War I (repost) бесплатно

Simon Adams, DK Eyewitness Guides: World War I
Dorling Kindersley Book | 2001 | ISBN: 0751330841 | Pages: 64 | PDF | 38.38 MB

Gr. 6-12. Packed with photos on every double-page spread and dense with facts and snippets of analysis, this large-size volume in the Eyewitness series provides a quick, informative overview of WWI: how it started; who fought and why; the equipment used; what it was like in the trenches and at home; the horrific final cost. Even seasoned Web browsers accustomed to busy formats may sometimes feel bombarded by all the bits and pieces, especially when the tiny type is printed over colored pictures. It's the dramatic photos (many from London's Imperial War Museum) that will make readers pause and bring them close to the soldiers' experiences. Then there's John Singer Sargent's realistic painting Gassed, showing blinded soldiers led by their sighted colleagues toward a dressing station in northern France in 1918.

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