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Скачать Mathematics бесплатно

B. M. Brandenberger, "Mathematics"
MacMillan Reference Books | 2002-01 | ISBN: 0028655613 | 800 pages | PDF | 41,9 MB

"In Macmillan's four-volume Mathematics encyclopedia, users will learn about the function of mathematics in everyday life as well as its role as a tool for measurement, data analysis, and technological development. Interdisciplinary in scope, the encyclopedia provides students with a clear and comprehensive introduction to this vast topic through nearly 300 entries that were commissioned especially for the set. The goal of the encyclopedia is to make mathematics and its basic disciplines—such as algebra, geometry, and trigonometry—more accessible and interesting to students and general users.
Biographical entries highlight mathematicians who have made significant contributions to the field. More than 30 career-related articles offer examples of mathematics "on the job." Entries on applications explore the role of mathematics in the modern world, from everyday conveniences to global communication methods and a multitude of scientific and technological advances. The authors who contributed entries to Mathematics bring a variety of expertise to the subject, and include members of academic institutions, math educators, and curriculum specialists. Contributors used their subject knowledge to write entries that are authoritative and up to date, but free of overly technological terms and scientific jargon. Many entries are illustrated and numerous equations, table, figures, and sidebars help illuminate the text. Unfamiliar terms and concepts are highlighted and defined in the margin, while cross-references direct users to articles of related interest. Most entries feature a selected bibliography, including Internet resources. Each volume includes a topical outline, a glossary, andan index. A cumulative index to the entire set appears in volume 4."
-- "American Reference Books Annual (ARBA)" (2003)

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