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Скачать The Facts on File Dictionary of Weather And Climate бесплатно

Jacqueline Smith, “The Facts on File Dictionary of Weather And Climate”
Facts on File | 2006-06-30 | ISBN: 081606296X | 262 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB

As weather and climate conditions continue to fluctuate throughout the world, there is an increasing need for a comprehensive resource that will offer a better understanding of relevant terms, people, and phenomena in an easily accessible format. This updated and expanded edition of "The Facts On File Dictionary of Weather and Climate, Revised Edition" from the "Science Dictionary" series meets that need. With more than 2,000 cross-referenced entries, 150 of which are new, accompanied by 50 black-and-white illustrations that offer easy-to-understand information on a range of weather- and climate-related topics, this reference is a must-have for those students pursuing this area of study.

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