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Скачать The Facts on File Dictionary of Earth Science бесплатно

Jacqueline Smith, “The Facts on File Dictionary of Earth Science”
Facts on File | 2006-06-30 | ISBN: 0816060002 | 388 pages | PDF | 1,7 MB

"The Facts On File Dictionary of Earth Science, Revised Edition provides students and general readers with informative definitions in accessible language. More than 3,700 updated and expanded, cross-referenced entries, more than 300 of which are new, cover all aspects of Earth science: geomorphology, stratigraphy, mineralogy, petrology, climatology, oceanography, paleontology, hydrology, geophysics, cartography, surveying, and soil science. Key concepts in physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics are also defined. Tables at the back of the book include Earth measurements, chemical elements, composition of seawater and the atmosphere, elements in the Earth's crust, meteorological symbols, glacial periods, and more. Topics covered include: Absorption; Earthquake intensity; Hydrology; Lava tube; Nutrients; Radiocarbon dating; Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale; and, Weather station.

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