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Скачать The Facts on File Dictionary of Evolutionary Biology бесплатно

Elizabeth Owen, Eve Daintith, "The Facts on File Dictionary of Evolutionary Biology"
Facts on File | 2003-11 | ISBN: 0816049246 | 256 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB

This dictionary explains the basic set of scientific terms, concepts, issues at the heart of evolutionary biology. With hereditary and evolution being a key division of the high school advanced placement course of biology, making up 25 percent of the content, The Facts On File Dictionary of Evolutionary Biology is a valuable reference for high school and undergraduate students. It provides quick access to concise definitions. The volume includes terms relating to the origin of life and the evidence and mechanisms of evolution, such as natural selection, heredity, and speciation. It also covers evolution in relation to the diversity of living organisms, including the terms used in phylogenetic classifications, evolutionary relationships, and relevant aspects of developmental biology. In addition, it covers aspects of the modern "evo/devo" school of biology. Major fields covered include heredity, molecular genetics, evolutionary biology, and diversity of organisms.

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