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Скачать The Facts on File Dictionary of Forensic Science бесплатно

Suzanne Bell, “The Facts on File Dictionary of Forensic Science”
Facts on File | 2004-06 | ISBN: 0816051313 | 278 pages | PDF | 4,3 MB

Forensic science is becoming what space exploration was to previous generations - a highly visible, widely publicized, and somewhat glamorized gateway into the world of science. Applied notably in criminal investigations and historical and archaeological research, forensic science is truly an interdisciplinary field. The media has extensively covered the utilization of forensic science methods in identifying victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in determining Saddam Hussein's fate in post-war Iraq, and in exonerating wrongly convicted criminals. The Facts On File Dictionary of Forensic Science offers concise, informative definitions of the fundamental terms, concepts, practices, tools, applications, and cases in this hot, relatively new branch of science. An ideal resource for school, university, and public libraries as well as for professionals in fields related to or involved with forensic science, this dictionary is easy to use and covers a wide range of topics related to forensic science. More than 1,800 extensively cross-referenced entries and several appendixes - including drawings of the human skeleton and skull, a bibliography, and a list of useful websites - provide comprehensive coverage of the subject. Sure to be popular among those interested in forensic science, The Facts On File Dictionary of Forensic Science is accessible and engaging for nonscientists with enough detailed information so that students and even specialists will find it useful.

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