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Скачать The Facts on File Dictionary of Marine Science бесплатно

Barbara Charton, “The Facts on File Dictionary of Marine Science ”
Facts on File | 2007-12-30 | ISBN: 0816063834, 0816042934, 0816042926 | 468 pages | PDF | 10,8 MB

Thoroughly updated and expanded, "The Facts On File Dictionary of Marine Science, New Edition" contains more than 2,750 entries - approximately 300 new to this edition - dealing with the basic vocabulary of marine science. This new edition features the most up-to-date terms and explanatory charts and graphs related to the areas of water chemistry; marine ecosystems; physical features of oceans, such as reefs, coastlines, and tides; currents and their effects; and plants and animals that dwell in the oceans. The back matter has been revised, and new line illustrations have been added.

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