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Скачать Biology, All 4 Volumes (Macmillan Science Library) бесплатно

Richard Robinson, "Biology (Macmillan Science Library)"
MacMillan Reference Books | 2001-12 | ISBN: 0028655516 | 800 pages | PDF | 47,3 MB

Watch electrons zip around the nucleus of a carbon atom ... Follow along as protozoa swim across colorful screens ... See photosynthesis illustrated in terms of "black boxes," with chemicals moving in and out or between the boxes ...

Something for students who need a little extra help understanding basic biological concepts and terms. This engaging, five-disk set of interactive Macintosh tutorials incorporates the latest computer technologies to define, explain, and visually portray concepts in a fun, yet meaningful way. This enhanced version features clearer, more compelling presentation and expanded topical coverage.

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