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Скачать Renaissance and Reformation Reference Library бесплатно

Peggy Saari and Aaron Saari, "Renaissance and Reformation Reference Library - Gale U.X.L"
Publisher: UXL | Format: PDF | Year 2002 | 1402 pages | 5 Volumes Total 76 MB | English | ISBN: 0787654663 | 3% Recovery Record

Product Description
This resource brings the people and the events of the Renaissance and Reformation to life for today's students. Covering everything from Luther's Revolt to the writings of Shakespeare, the Renaissance and Reformation Reference Library fills the need for comprehensive coverage of this amazing time.

Renaissance and Reformation: Almanac provides extensive background information and includes exploration of both the Italian and Northern Renaissance, the Protestant, Catholic, and Counter Reformations, and much more.

Renaissance and Reformation: Biographies introduces students to 50 people of the era, including Galileo Galilei, Johannes Gutenberg, Ben Jonson, and others.

Renaissance and Reformation: Primary Sources allows students to study 18 full or excerpted speeches, diary entries, poems and documents. Also included in this reference library are photographs, maps, sidebars, further reading section, a "Words to Know" section, timeline and index.

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Almanac Vol1
Almanac Vol2
Biographies Vol1
Biographies Vol2
Primary Sources

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Almanac Vol1

Almanac Vol2

Biographies Vol1

Biographies Vol2

Primary Sources

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