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Скачать Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture Volume 2 (P–Z) бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture Volume 2 (P–Z)
Macmillan Library Reference | ISBN: 0028656997 | July 2004 | PDF | 565 pages | 27.25 Mb

In this encyclopedia, designed for "the educated lay public," more than 400 signed articles produced by 205 expert contributors come in three sizes. The largest articles offer more than 2,000 words of in-depth coverage and historical overview. The medium-sized (1,000-2,000 words) and smaller articles (less than 1,000 words) cover historical figures and more discrete events and topics. The A-Z entries are preceded by a chronology and followed by a selection of almost 150 primary documents ranging from the Confession of St. Patrick (c. 450) to the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement (1998)--a real bonus to users. Access is aided by an alphabetical list of entries and a comprehensive index with the main entries in bold type. Twenty-three maps and numerous black-and-white photographs and illustrations accompany the text.

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