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Скачать Reconstruction Era Reference Library Edition бесплатно

Kelly King Howes and Lawrence W. Baker, "Early Civilizations in the Americas Reference Library - Gale U.X.L"
Publisher: UXL | Format: PDF | Year 2004 | 734 pages | 3 Volumes Total 64 MB | English | ISBN: 0787692166 | 3% Recovery Record

Reconstruction Era Reference Library consists of three volumes: Almanac, Biographies, and Primary Sources, covering the period from the end of the American Civil War (April 1865) to the inauguration of President Rutherford B. Hayes (1877).

The Almanac volume begins with "Words to Know." A time line (duplicated in each of the volumes) lists important dates and events of the Reconstruction era and is followed by a list of "Research and Activity Ideas." A chronological overview of the era is provided in nine chapters, each having its own "Words to Know" sidebar along with sidebars that describe people, events, and facts of special interest.

The Biographies volume covers political and military leaders as well as activists, artists, writers, and more. Among them are Louisa May Alcott, Frederick Douglass, Ulysses S. Grant, and Zebulon Vance. Within each biographical entry are cross-references to other individuals covered in this volume.

Primary Sources
contains 19 complete or partial documents, such as the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Rutherford B. Hayes' inaugural address. Each document is accompanied by an introduction, keys to reading the document, a discussion of subsequent events related to the document, and other material. Here and throughout the set, every chapter concludes with a list of further reading, often including Web sites.

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Primary Sources

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Primary Sources

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