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Скачать Criminology: the Key Concepts бесплатно

Criminology: the Key Concepts
Routledge | 2008 | ISBN: 0415427932 | Pages: 240 | PDF | 1.65 MB

Criminology: The Key Concepts is an authoritative and comprehensive study guide and reference resource that will take you through all the concepts, approaches, issues and institutions central to the study of crime in contemporary society.

Topics covered in this easy-to-use A-Z guide include:
policing, sentencing and the justice system;
types of crime, including corporate crime, cybercrime, sex & hate crimes;
feminist, Marxist and cultural approaches to criminology,
terrorism, state crime, war crimes and human rights;
social issues such as antisocial behaviour, domestic violence & pornography;
criminal psychology and deviance.

Fully cross-referenced, with extensive suggestions for further reading and in-depth study of the topics discussed, this is an essential reference guide for students of criminology at all levels.

Martin O’Brien is Reader in Criminology at the University of Central Lancashire. He is the author, with Sue Penna, of Theorising Welfare: Enlightenment and Modern Society (1998), and editor of Integrating and Articulating Environments: A Challenge for Northern and Southern Europe (2003).

Majid Yar is Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Director of the Centre for Criminological Research at Keele University. He has published widely in the areas of social and political theory, criminology, continental philosophy, cultural analysis and philosophy of social science, and is the author of Cybercrime and Society (2006).



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