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Скачать History of World Trade Since 1450 (Encyclopedia) бесплатно

History of World Trade Since 1450 (Encyclopedia), 2v By John J. McCusker
Publisher: MacMillan Reference Books 2005-12 | 900 Pages | ISBN: 002865840X | PDF | 24 MB

Trade has always been a defining factor in world history and the History of World Trade since 1450 illustrates this continuity in more than 400 articles, making the work essential to students interested in the great industrial and commercial expansion of the 19th and 20th centuries, world history surveys, American history and economics. The two-volume set also answers public library users' questions about historical and commercial concepts. History of World Trade since 1450 starts at a year regarded as the beginning of the Age of Exploration and examines how the hunt for new resources and markets during that period resulted in the establishment of colonies in Africa, the Americas and Asia. The set looks at the Industrial Revolution, the rise of capitalism and the effects of imperialism on the global economy. Significant countries, cities, and ports are highlighted, as well as the role of selected individuals and families that shaped history through business. Articles on commodities like petroleum, gold, sugar and tobacco, provide a view of both the past and the present by demonstrating how commerce altered regional economies and cultures. The work also offers definitions and examples of economic concepts such as monopoly, joint-stock company and capital flows, within a historical context. History of World Trade since 1450 is richly illustrated and incorporates suggestions for additional reading, a glossary of terms and primary source documents.





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