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Скачать Encyclopedia of War Crimes And Genocide бесплатно

Encyclopedia of War Crimes And Genocide
Facts on File | 2006 | ISBN: 0816060010 | Pages: 560 | PDF | 4.85 MB

This concise, wide-ranging 450-entry resource covers crimes against humanity and peace and human-rights violations. It includes events on all continents, past and present, with entries for perpetrator, activists, countries, organizations, treaties, and terms. The years of birth and, when relevant, death are noted for individuals, along with a brief identifying phrase before the entry text. Entries range from one paragraph to five pages for War criminals of the former Yugoslavia.

The book is accurate when compared with other resources. It is enhanced by a list of entries at the beginning, some black-and-white photos, cross-references within and after entries, further reading at the end of entries (including 2005 titles), eight key primary documents, worldwide resource agencies, a substantial selected bibliography, and an accurate, if incomplete, index.

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