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Скачать Encyclopedia of Women's History in America бесплатно

Kathryn Cullen-Dupont, "Encyclopedia of Women's History in America"
Facts on File | 2000-08 | ISBN: 0816041008 | 418 pages | PDF | 3,7 MB

In this treatment of U.S. women's history, Cullen-Dupont (Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Facts on File, 1992, a YA biography) presents over 500 entries for significant events, legislative acts, court cases, organizations, individuals, and publications. Inclusion, though unpredictable, tends to favor specific named groups rather than general concepts (e.g., Operation Rescue and Roe v. Wade; nothing under abortion), and reflects the diversity of women's backgrounds and experience in the United States. Less comprehensive than Angela Zophy's Handbook of American Women's History (LJ 3/1/90), particularly concerning women's occupations and other topics in U.S. social history, this work lacks the advantage of Zophy's specialist contributors. Its emphasis is less biographical than Doris Weatherford's American Women's History (Prentice, 1994); unlike the Weatherford title, it has no illustrations but does include suggested readings after each entry, an extensive bibliography, an appendix of 34 documents, and an index (not seen). Also on the plus side are Cullen-Dupont's engaging prose style, enlivened by frequent quotes from primary sources, and good coverage of recent topics, including entries for Anita Hill, Camille Paglia, "glass ceiling," the Violence Against Women Act (1994), and Harris v. Forklift Systems. An attractive and useful purchase for high school and public libraries, and a good, reasonably priced second choice, after Zophy's work, for academic libraries.?Carolynne Myall, Eastern Washington Univ. Libs., Cheney

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