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Скачать Politipedia: A Compendium of Useful and Curious Facts about British Politics бесплатно

Nick Inman, "Politipedia: A Compendium of Useful and Curious Facts about British Politics"
Harriman House | 2007-08-27 | ISBN: 1905641338 | 363 pages | PDF | 1,8 MB

The ultimate quirky reference work for voters, students and those in the Westminster village. It is ideal for anyone looking to discover where their vote (and money!) actually go, or for those looking for quotes and fascinating titbits. The book aims to capture the entertaining essence of politics without taking up too much of the reader's valuable time. Taking an outsiders view of the system the author set out to ask all the vital questions about politics and then attempts to find answers to them - getting to the heart of each subject with brevity and humour. Whilst the intention is not to mock politics or politicians, along the way there may be a few that do take an occasional knock, and the book refuses to be bland or too polite! This is a fascinating work covering the intricacies of politics in the UK. It is packed with curious facts to make readers laugh out loud, and enough intriguing snippets to provoke some lively debate.

Enjoy this great book! Brought to you by SMIRK



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