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Скачать A to Z of American Women in the Visual Arts (A to Z of Women) бесплатно

A to Z of American Women in the Visual Arts (A to Z of Women)
Facts on File | 2002 | ISBN: 0816043973 | Pages: 258 | PDF | 2.57 MB

A to Z of American Women in the Visual Arts is an informative reference work that covers American women in the world of the visual arts, from the eighteenth century to the present day. In addition to being regionally, chronologically, and culturally inclusive, the volume reflects a broad definition of visual arts, including photographers, architects, illustrators, craftspeople, and folk artists as well as painters and sculptors. This A-to-Z reference also traces the history of American women in the visual arts from its early origins as a creative and expressive outlet to its contemporary role in defining political and social agendas. More than 130 essays not only include basic biographical information but also emphasize the artistic achievements and contributions of these women. Suggestions for further reading and, where appropriate, Internet resources are included, making this reference a valuable addition to any art history, women’s studies, or general collection.

Profiles include:
* Mary Cassatt: painter, printmaker
* Georgia O’Keeffe: painter
* Dorothea Lange: documentary photographer
* Berenice Abbott: photographer
* Louise Nevelson: sculptor
* Berta Margoulies: sculptor
* Lee Krasner: painter
* Elaine De Kooning: painter
* Judy Chicago: mixed-media artist
* Jennifer Bartlett: painter, muralist, printmaker
* Maya Lin: architect, sculptor.

Black-and-white photographs. Index. Subject indexes. Bibliography. Cross-references. Further reading lists.

About the Authors:
Carol Kort is a freelance writer from Brookline, Massachusetts. She has written feature articles for the New York Times "Education Life" Sunday magazine, The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, the Boston Herald Sunday Magazine, and numerous magazines including Working Women and Family Life. Kort has worked in the editorial department of several publishing companies and has edited two compendiums on parenting. Kort is also the author of A to Z of American Women Writers in the same series.
Liz Sonneborn is a freelance editor and writer. A graduate of Swarthmore College, she has spent 12 years as a trade and reference book editor for numerous publishing houses. Specializing in the fields of biography, American Indian studies, and women's studies, she is the author of 18 nonfiction books for adults, young adults, and middle readers. Among her works are Facts On File's A to Z of Native American Women; Performers, a volume in the Facts On File's American Indian Lives series; and the Chronology of American Indian History.



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