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Скачать Grasses: Systematics and Evolution бесплатно

J. [Eds.] Everett, "Grasses: Systematics and Evolution"
CSIRO Publishing | 2000-05 | ISBN: 0643064389 | 416 pages | PDF | 8,7 MB

Grasses: Systematics and Evolution presents leading work from around the world on grasses and includes reviews and current research into their comparative biology, phylogeny and classification. The papers are based on presentations at the Third International Symposium on Grass Systematics and Evolution, (part of Monocots II) held in Sydney, Australia in late 1998, but many have been updated or extended to take into account new information. All papers have been peer-reviewed.
A companion volume Monocots: Systematics and Evolution is available. It is a similar selection of papers from the Second International Conference on the Comparative Biology of the Monocotyledons, also part of Monocots II.

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