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Скачать U.X.L Harlem Renaissance бесплатно

Kelly King Howes, "U.X.L Harlem Renaissance"
U·X·L | 2000-09-15 | ISBN: 0787648361 | 321 pages | PDF | 12,6 MB

From the beginnings of "Harlemania" to the beginnings of the Great Depression, this authoritative resource presents the people, places and times that defined an era and documents the launch of cultural development among African Americans in 1920s Harlem. This single volume contains almanac and biographies sections with primary source documents in sidebars throughout.
The book features 7 subject chapters and 15 biographical profiles. The chapters in Harlem Renaissance feature informative sidebars that describe Harlem slang, fashion and popular dances, as well as interesting figures such as Josephine Baker, Florence Mills and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. Harlem Renaissance presents the writings of notable authors of the time and how African American literature changed from works in dialect to penetrating analyses of black culture, inspiring novels of protest and racial pride. Look for informative chapters that feature:
The beginnings of the Harlem Renaissance
Historical background and overview
Fiction, poetry and journalism
Performing arts
The visual arts
Harlem nightlife
The end of the Harlem Renaissance
And much more

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