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Скачать World Fascism: A Historical Encyclopedia - 2 Volume set бесплатно

Cyprian Blamires : World Fascism - A Historical Encyclopedia (2 Volume set)
ABC-CLIO | September 18, 2006 | ISBN: 978 1576079409 | PDF | 750 pages | 17 MB

Here is a major contribution to the scholarship of Fascism. The more than 500 separately authored entries are written by 125 experts in Fascism studies. Like the authors, the entries represent the multidisciplinary nature of Fascism studies, covering history, political science, philosophy, and religion in entries on people, political parties and movements, and key geographical areas.

This book shows how, during the 20th century, evils such as racism, genocide, war, and tyranny became indelibly linked to the fascist cause, and examines the enduring and popular appeal of an ideology that has counted princes, poets, and war heroes among its most fervent adherents. From Mussolini's use of poison gas against Abyssinian tribesmen in 1935 and Hitler's unparalleled use of mass murder on an industrial scale during the Holocaust to present-day right-wing fascist movements in Europe, this meticulously researched encyclopedia shows how fascism's history is filled with horror and bloodshed. From militant Zionist Revisionists who openly admired Mussolini in the 1930s to Balkan Muslim volunteers for the Waffen SS during World War II, fascism's heady brew of extreme nationalism and racism has seduced peoples across all races, religions, and classes. Now widely reviled, fascism became the dominant political force in Western Europe throughout the 1930s and into the 1940s. How did civilized nations like Italy, Germany, Austria, and others succumb to an ideology now regarded by the political mainstream as barbarous and beyond the pale? "World Fascism: A Historical Encyclopedia" covers all the key personalities and movements throughout the history of fascism and brings to light some of the ideology's lesser known aspects, from Hindu extremists in India to the pro-Fascist sympathies of certain members of the English aristocracy. How did an ideology founded on violence and thuggery come to seduce the elites of some of the most civilized nations on earth? What can explain fascism's enduring appeal?

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