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Скачать Dictionary of e-Business бесплатно

Francis Botto, “Dictionary of e-Business”
Wiley | 2003-01-27 | ISBN: 0470844701 | 378 pages | PDF | 1,25 MB

The Dictionary of e-business:
* Now includes extended coverage of wireless and mobile terms
* Is authored by an expert in the field
* Presents more than 350 new entries on Java, XML, Customer Relationship Management, mCommerce and more technical language of eBusiness (e.g. security)
* Demontrates clear applications to both technical and business markets
* Covers all the latest developments in this fast moving field

This is a handy reference for consultants, IT professionals and business analysts who are becoming overwhelmed by a barrage of new terms.
Reading through the terms and definitions in this book makes it apparent that E-business has little new terminology. Instead, the barrage of new terms has its roots in the blending of business and IT disciplines that characterize E-business. Because E-business encompasses both the business and technical domains, it's essential that business professionals learn IT terminology and IT professionals learn a business terminology. Consultants have to be well versed in the vocabularies of both domains, and are further burdened by the fact that we need to understand the unique vernacular of many different vertical industries. This book solves that by providing succinct definitions of terms covering a wide landscape of business and technical. Since E-business is inescapable, this book is a wonderful desk reference to which you'll probably refer frequently. It's complete and clear, and covers most of the IT terms and many of the business terms you're likely to encounter - at least until new ones are minted.

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