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Скачать A Political and Economic Dictionary of Eastern Europe бесплатно

1st Ed "A Political and Economic Dictionary of Eastern Europe"
Europa Publications | 2002-10-18 | ISBN: 1857430638 | 500 pages | PDF | 3 MB

This comprehensive dictionary provides over 1,000 concise entries covering the politics and economics of Eastern Europe. It defines, explains and gives further information on countries, regions, ethnic groups, political parties, prime ministers, presidents and other prominent politicians, business organizations, geographical features, religions and border disputes.

Entries include Chechnya; Hungarian Democratic Forum; Poland: economy; UN War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia; Uniate Church; and Gennadii Zyuganov.

The dictionary covers 22 countries in central, eastern and south-eastern Europe, trans-Caucasus and the Russian Federation. It includes separate articles on each country and its economy. Entries are arranged alphabetically and are fully cross-referenced, making the book easy to use. All organizations listed include full address, telephone, fax, and email. Geographical and personal name indexes are included.

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