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Скачать Companion Encyclopedia of Archaeology бесплатно

Graeme Barker, "Companion Encyclopedia of Archaeology"
Routledge | 1999-08-03 | ISBN: 0415064481 | 1219 pages | Djvu | 13,8 MB

The 26 articles in this new Companion Encyclopedia provide an invaluable compendium of the themes, issues and background of this popular, but complex field. This two-volume set offers definitive coverage of the field as a whole, and is divided into three thematic sections:
Part I--Origins, aims and methods
* Features articles on the history and theory of the discipline, and the techniques used in the study of archaeological evidence.
Part II Problems and approaches
* Examines how archaeologists approach such themes as culture, identity, society, territory, population and beliefs across the traditional boundaries of period and place.
Part III--The development of human society
* Integrates the concerns which are addressed in the previous two sections and draws together the methods and approaches in studying hunter-gatherer societies, developing models for state formation, examining medieval demographic trends, and understanding early modern andindustrial societies.
Academics in archaeology and related disciplines, field archaeologists, undergraduate and postgraduate students, amateur archaeologists and the informed general reader will all find this a fascinating and useful reference tool.

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