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Скачать Encyclopedia of Warrior Peoples and Fighting Groups, 2 Ed. бесплатно

Paul K. Davis & Allen Lee Hamilton (editors), "Encyclopedia of Warrior Peoples and Fighting Groups, 2 Ed. "
MacKenzie and Harris | 2006-09 | ISBN: 1592371167 | 654 pages | PDF | 11 MB

Many military groups throughout the world have excelled in their craft either by fortuitous circumstances, outstanding leadership, or intense training. This long-awaited second edition of The Encyclopedia of Warrior Peoples and Fighting Groups explores the origins and leadership of these powerful combat forces, chronicles their conquests and accomplishments, examines the circumstances surrounding their decline or disbanding, and assesses their influence on the groups and methods of warfare that followed. This new edition contains brand new articles on Tuskegee Airmen, Guerillas, Green Berets, the Arab Legion, the Warsaw Pact, the San Patricio Battalion and many more, along with a full update to existing article, many brand new Maps, and a brand new Historical Timeline to offer the most current, most comprehensive overview of invasions and conquests throughout history. Readers will encounter ferocious tribes, charismatic leaders, and daring militias, from ancient times to the present, including Amazons, Buffalo Soldiers, Green Berets, Iron Brigade, Kamikazes, Peoples of the Sea, Polish Winged Hussars, Sacred Band of Thebes, Teutonic Knights, and Texas Rangers. With over 100 entries, arranged alphabetically, numerous cross-references and illustrations, a comprehensive bibliography and index, The Encyclopedia of Warrior Peoples and Fighting Groups is a valuable resource for readers seeking insight into the bold history of distinguished fighting forces. This reference is a must-have resource for any high school library, public library and academic library.

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