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Скачать UXL Complete Life Science Resource, 3 Vol. Set бесплатно

Leonard C. Bruno, "UXL Complete Life Science Resource, 3 Vol. Set"
U·X·L | 2000-11-10 | ISBN: 0787648515 | 625 pages | PDF | 33,4 MB

Explore the fascinating world of biology with U·X·L® Complete Life Science Resource, featuring alphabetically arranged entries on theories, concepts and scientific discoveries and developments pertinent to the study of life science in schools today. Also featured is a chronology of discoveries with a timeline of world events, a general for further information section, and a research and activity section. This 3-vol. set contains illustrations, graphs and charts to help students understand such life science topics as:
Human Body Systems and Life Cycles
Plants, Animals and Classification
Cells and Simple Organisms
Reproduction and Heredity
Populations and Ecosystems
Regulation and Behavior
Diversity and Adaptation
And much more

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