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Скачать Homosexuality and Religion: An Encyclopedia бесплатно

Homosexuality and Religion

Jeffrey S. Siker, "Homosexuality and Religion: An Encyclopedia"
Greenwood Press (2007) | English | ISBN: 0313330883 | 273 pages | PDF | 1.92 MB

Few issues today cause more public—and private—debate than the interaction of homosexuality and religion. From the question of gay marriage to the place of gays and lesbians within faith communities, religious leaders and lay members must deal with these issues for now and for years to come. What is the historical position of the major denominations? How are people of faith balancing their beliefs? This encyclopedia provides an overview of the various attitudes and responses that religions have had to the presence of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons within their communities. This is the most comprehensive volume to date on the intersections between religion and homosexuality. The coverage in Homosexuality and Religion: An Encylopedia is comprehensive:

• Synthetic overview essays examine topics such as “Homosexuality, Religion, and the Law,” “Homosexuality, Religion, and the Biological Sciences,” and “Homosexuality, Religion, and the Social Sciences.”
• The A–Z entries cover a wide range of religious traditions across the world. From “African American Churches” to “Buddhism,” “Episcopalians,” “Hinduism,” “Islam,” “Judaism,” “the Metropolitan Community Church,” “Mormonism,” “Presbyterians,” “the Roman Catholic Church,” “Seventh Day Adventists,” “Southern Baptist Churches,” “Unitarian Universalist,” and more.
• Entries contain significant bibliographic references, including websites, for further study Homosexuality and Religion treats the complete cross-section of religious traditions and their understanding of and approaches to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons.

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