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Скачать Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory,2 Ed бесплатно

Eric Delson, "Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory,2 Ed"
Routledge | 1999-12-01 | ISBN: 0815316968 | 753 pages | PDF | 18,7 MB

This second edition offers more than 200 new entries covering the latest fossil finds and cutting-edge theories. In addition, all prior entries have been updated, including more than 200 that have been heavily revised and expanded to reflect new developments and discoveries in the field. With a total of more than 800 A-Z entries written by fifty-four internationally recognized scholars, Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory is widely recognized as a standard in the field, providing the most complete context possible for understanding the 65-million-year story of humankind's origins.

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