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Скачать Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry, 2 Vol. Set бесплатно

Jerry L. Atwood, Jonathan W. Steed, "Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry, 2 Vol. Set"
CRC | 2004-05-05 | ISBN: 082475056X | 1744 pages | PDF | 65,2 MB

Crystallizing a rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field — not to mention one of the most popular and newsworthy areas in contemporary chemistry — the two-volume Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry offers authoritative, centralized information on the topic. User-friendly and high-quality articles parse the latest supramolecular advancements and methods in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, environmental and materials science and engineering, physics, computer science, and applied mathematics. Designed for specialists and students alike, the Encyclopedia covers the fundamentals of supramolecular chemistry and sets the standard for relevant future research.

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