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Скачать Handbook of Classical Mythology бесплатно

William Hansen, "Handbook of Classical Mythology"
ABC-CLIO | 2003-04-01 | ISBN: 1576072266 | 394 pages | PDF | 3,4 MB

In this title in the publisher's Handbooks of World Mythology series, classical refers to Greek and Roman civilizations (a slightly Eurocentric perspective). The author is a university professor of classical studies and folklore and has written other books on the topic. He cites about five pages of books and articles and provides a list of "Annotated Print and Nonprint Resources."
The first third of the volume is an extensive essay on basic concepts and "chronology" of the myth stories, concluding with general Greek and Roman notions about the nature of the world and its mythological characters. The author also discusses how classical Greeks and Romans regarded mythology: some literally, some allegorically, and some as fantasy. The majority of the volume consists of individual entries on deities, themes, and concepts. Deities, the main emphasis, are inconsistently listed under Greek or Roman nomenclature (e.g., Greek Apollon, Roman Satyrs). Entries range from a page (e.g., Titans, Nectar) to nine pages (e.g., Divine guilds); most entries are two to three pages in length. Each entry starts with a definition and then provides a narrative description of the main associated stories, citing the source of information. About a quarter of the entries include black-and-white drawings that appear to be based on ancient artworks. Cross-references and suggested readings end each entry.
In addition to the lists of references and resources, the reader will find a four-page glossary of terms that are used throughout the text. The detailed index includes various aspects of the deities; for instance, under Athena are references to her birth, judgment, craftsmanship, transformation, and relationship with other characters.
This volume combines a traditional reference tool and a textbook. Although it does not appear to break new ground, it is a convenient way to package information about Greek and Roman mythology, particularly as part of a mythology series. Recommended for libraries that serve the apparent audience of college-bound high-schoolers and university students. Lesley Farmer

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