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Скачать The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine (5 volume set) бесплатно

Gale Research Company, “The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine (5 volume set)”
Thomson Gale | 2001 | ISBN: 0787654892 | 3500 pages | PDF | 57,2 MB

Consult the second edition of this authoritative, comprehensive, in-depth medical guide for information on more than 1,700 medical topics in language accessible to adult laypersons. Presented in a single alphabetical sequence, articles range in length from one or two paragraphs for minor topics, to several pages or more for major topics. Disease/disorder articles typically cover definition; description; causes and symptoms; diagnosis; treatments; prevention; and more. Test/treatment articles typically cover definition; purposes; precautions; preparation; risks; normal and abnormal results; and much more. This second edition includes more than 200 new entries, 300 updated entries, approximately 650 color images and illustrations, and a comprehensive subject index. New features include biographical and historical sidebars throughout the text.

Disease/disorder articles contain some or all of the following sections:

* Definitions -- brief dictionary-style definition of the disorder
* Descriptions -- overview of the disorder; who gets it and why
* Causes & symptoms -- process, substance or organism that produces the condition; any risk factors that increase susceptibility to the condition; signs and symptoms of the disease
* Diagnosis -- overview of procedures and tests used to diagnose the condition; how the test is done; who should be tested and when; time required; cost; whether it's typically covered by insurance
* Treatments -- overview of conventional methods of care or management of the condition, such as drugs, surgeries, physical therapy, etc.
* Alternative treatments -- overview of alternative/complementary therapies that may be used to treat the condition
* Prognosis -- probable outcome of the disease
* Preventions -- what actions can be taken to prevent the condition from occurring

Test/treatment articles contain some or all of the following sections:

* Definitions -- brief dictionary-style definition of the test/treatment
* Purposes -- why and when this test/treatment is prescribed
* Precautions -- when this test/treatment should not be prescribed
* Descriptions -- overview of the test/treatment including cost, length of time required, procedures followed, whether typically covered by insurance
* Preparation -- pre-test treatment procedures, if any
* Aftercare -- post-test treatment procedures, if any
* Risks -- any complications/side effects commonly associated with the test/treatment
* Normal results -- for tests, describes the normal values; for treatments, describes the anticipated outcomes
* Abnormal results -- defines abnormal test values

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