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Скачать An Atlas of Infant Polysomnography (The Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine Series) бесплатно

David H. Crowell "An Atlas of Infant Polysomnography (The Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine Series)"
Informa Healthcare | 2003-04-24 | ISBN: 1842141945 | 168 pages | PDF | 5,6 MB

A fundamental resource for sleep researchers and clinicians who work with infants from 35 weeks conceptional age to 6 months post term, this book provides unique coverage of this age range and a depth of graphic illustrations readers can find in no other resource. The contents encompass all the fundamentals of polysomnography essential to a pediatrics sleep laboratory. Using examples from the Collaborative Home Infant Monitor Evaluation (CHIME) experience, the book covers data acquisition, recording considerations, monitoring, sleep state and stage definitions, recognition, and smoothing; electroencephalographic arousal, and cardiorespiratory patterns and events.

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