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Скачать World War II for Kids: A History with 21 Activities бесплатно

World War II for Kids: A History with 21 Activities
Chicago Review Press | 2002 | ISBN: 1556524552 | Pages: 176 | PDF | 5.91 MB

Grade 5-7-In this introductory survey, Panchyk describes major events throughout the great conflict in nearly every theater of operation. While the main focus is on America's part in the war, life in England and other European countries is given careful attention. A special aspect of this work is the variety of informative activities appearing in substantial sidebars. Through them, readers can vicariously go on a reconnaissance mission, grow a victory garden, track a ship's movements using latitude and longitude, live on rations for a day, and experience other aspects of wartime life. Adult help and/or permission is suggested for many of the projects. One involves labeling alternate halves of a class of students with special armbands and simulating discrimination; teacher involvement is not mentioned in the instructions. Summarized or quoted first-person accounts by World War II participants are integral parts of this book, which also includes letters and journal entries by soldiers and civilians in both Allied and Axis countries. A large selection of black-and-white contemporary photographs and reproductions of such items as ration stamps and propaganda posters further contribute to the book's immediacy. Attention grabbers are a letter from former President Clinton, a short foreword by Senator John S. McCain, and an afterword by World War II veteran Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings.
Ann G. Brouse, Steele Memorial Library, Elmira, NY

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