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Скачать World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre, Vol.5: Asia/ Pacific бесплатно

Series Rubin, "World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre, Vol.5: Asia/ Pacific"
Routledge | 1998-10-15 | ISBN: 041505933X | 544 pages | PDF | 6,8 MB

The latest volume in the acclaimed World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre series provides a country-by-country survey of theatrical developments throughout Asia and the Pacific since 1945. The entries provide first-hand accounts of the major theatrical companies, dramatists and plays in each country, the interaction of performance with the culture, politics, and religious rituals, and much more. This volume covers 30 countries in entries of up to 25,000 words: Afghanistan * Australia * Bangladesh * Bhutan * Brunei * Cambodia * China * India * Indonesia * Iran * Japan * Kazakhstan * Korea * Kyrgyzstan * Laos * Malaysia * Mongolia * Myanmar * Nepal * New Zealand * Pakistan * Papua-New Guinea * Philippines * Singapore * South Pacific * Sri Lanka * Tajikistan * Thailand * Turkmenistan * Uzbekistan * Vietnam.
The six volume World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre (WECT) is the largest international co-operative publication in the history of world theater. There is a 10% discount for standing orders.

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