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Скачать The MUP Encyclopedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy - Edited By Paul Collins бесплатно

The MUP Encyclopedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy - Edited By Paul Collins
Publisher: MUP | Date: 1999 | ISBN: 0522847714 | 177 Pages | Searchable PDF in RAR | 25.5 Mb

Science fiction and fantasy are among the most popular of all literary genres, but until now Australia has had no work that records the depths and significance of its contribution. This unique and comprehensive book will become the standard reference for students, both Australian and international, of the rapidly-growing genre of Australian science fiction and fantasy. Entries cover authors, book and story titles, important fanzines, important sub-genres and works published electronically. It categorises works for adults, young adults and children and includes essays and articles by distinguished Australian scholars and writers in the field.

Paul Collins (born 21 May 1954) is an Australian writer and editor who specializes in science fiction and fantasy.

Paul Collins has written many books for younger readers. He is best known for his fantasy series, The Jelindel Chronicles (Dragonlinks, Dragonfang and Dragonsight — a fourth, Wardragon, has been written), and The Quentaris Chronicles (Swords of Quentaris, Slaves of Quentaris, Dragonlords of Quentaris, Princess of Shadows and The Forgotten Prince). His latest science fiction books are The Earthborn, The Skyborn and The Hiveborn, all published in the USA.

In addition to his novels, Collins has written over thirty chapter books, around thirty non-fiction hardcovers for the education market (published both in Australia and the USA), and two collections of his own stories. He co-edited four boxed sets of anthologies with Meredith Costain (Spinouts and Thrillogies), edited eleven trade anthologies, and was the principal editor of The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy.


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