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Скачать American Civil War Reference Library - Gale U.X.L (Re-upload) бесплатно

Kevin Hillstrom and Laurie Collier Hillstrom"American Civil War Reference Library - Gale U.X.L"
Publisher: UXL | PDF | 1040 pages | 21.8mb | English | ISBN: 0787638242

Almanac, Biographies Vol1 + Vol2, Primary Sources + Cumulative Index
The American Civil War Reference Library offers comprehensive and wide ranging research options on this compelling era of American history.

American Civil War: Almanac provides in-depth background and interpretation of the era, events and topics. Subject chapters offer viewpoints, definitions, chronological coverage of battles, further reading and sidebars highlighting individuals, statistics and other attention-grabbing information.

American Civil War: Biographies offers detailed essays on the lives of 60 individuals in two volumes. The 1,200- to 2,400-word essays are accompanied by sidebars, further reading lists, cross-references and more. Each volume includes a chronology, project suggestions, a name/subject index and more.

American Civil War: Primary Sources offers text of 14 full or excerpted speeches, newspaper accounts, novels, memoirs and other documents that reflect a wide range of viewpoints. Each entry includes background information about the subject, definitions, and details on the impact the document had on the public.

Cumulative Index indexes the volumes (Almanac, Biographies, and Primary Sources) in the American Civil War Reference Library.

This is a PDF Portfolio. You need Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) 7.0 or above to open it open it.


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