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Скачать Critical Companion To John Steinbeck: A Literary Reference To His Life And Work бесплатно

Critical Companion To John Steinbeck: A Literary Reference To His Life And Work
Checkmark Books | 2005 | ISBN: 0816043019 | Pages: 406 | PDF | 3.56 MB

Grade 9 Up–This excellent resource is divided into three parts: Biography, Works A-Z, and Related People, Places, and Topics. The first and shortest section provides a summary of Steinbecks birth, early childhood, education, and career. The bulk of the book offers descriptions of all of his works–published and unpublished. Many of these entries include background information, critical summaries, discussions of the works early reception and contemporary perspectives, chapter-by-chapter synopses, information on film adaptations, and further-reading suggestions. Entries in the final section run the gamut from notes on the writers relatives and friends to the name of his high school yearbook. Appendixes include a chronology; chronological, alphabetical, and categorized bibliographies of Steinbecks works; a bibliography of secondary sources; and more. Black-and-white photos of the man and the people and places in his life and works and a few film stills are scattered throughout. A terrific choice for literature students.–Pat Bender, The Shipley School, Bryn Mawr, PA

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