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Скачать Language and Communication: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia бесплатно

Michael Shaw Findlay, "Language and Communication: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia"
ABC-Clio Inc | 1998-04-01 | ISBN: 0874369460 | 229 pages | PDF | 13,1 MB

Editorial Reviews From School Library Journal
Grade 9 Up-An accessible, intercultural examination of verbal and nonverbal communication. The alphabetically arranged entries are well documented and cross-referenced. The text itself, while a little dry, is highly informative and unfamiliar terms are defined in context. Captioned black-and-white photographs are sprinkled throughout; short bibliographies are supplied at the end of many of the entries. The author presents a cross-cultural perspective on theories of language and communication, making his work unique. The encyclopedia will also be helpful for readers needing concise definitions of terms in the field of communications.
J. B. MacDonald, Milner Library, Illinois State University, Normal, IL
From Library Journal
This latest installment in the "Encyclopedias of Human Experience" series includes 151 entries pertaining to the study of "language and communication from a cross-cultural perspective." Findlay, a cultural anthropologist, aims to avoid European ethnocentrism by showing how Western and non-Western traditions influence one another. Of the 126 cultures from five continents cited in this encyclopedia, only one is European: British Cockney-speakers. Throughout, Findlay focuses on "communicative competence," the cultural and social rules an individual must know in order to use a language. Each entry is written with great clarity and followed by bibliographic information and cross references. An especially helpful feature is the author's practice of defining technical terms within parentheses following the terms themselves; another is the excellent bibliography. Both the geographical range and the richness of the subject matter are to be applauded. While one might have wished for an explanation of how the cultures discussed were selected, this encyclopedia is a laudable accomplishment and belongs in high school, college, and public libraries.?Joan W. Gartland, Detroit P.L.

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