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Скачать ELI-Picture Dictionary English - updated edition + CDRom бесплатно

ELI “ELI-Picture Dictionary English - updated edition + CDRom"
ELI | 2007 | ISBN: 8853611170 | 97 pages | PDF + exe | 46,1 + 22,2 MB

A dictionary for students at varying learning levels for Secondary School Aims Enrich students? English vocabulary with more than 1000 words. Structure 43 illustrated theme pages introduce well known topics such as at home, family, school and work, as well as up-to-date and specific topics such as the environment and astronomy. More than 1000 words are listed alphabetically in the Wordlist, indicating on which theme page you can find them. A CD-ROM contains all of the illustrated words and a recording to allow listening comprehension and pronunciation practice.

CD (46,1 MB)

Book (22,2 MB)

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