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Скачать The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti бесплатно

Clive Innes, Charles Glass “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti"
Knickerbocker Press | 1997-11 | ISBN: 1577150171 | 320 pages | PDF | 59,6 MB

Great tool to identify your cacti

This review is from: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti (Paperback)
I'm an avid cactus collector and I get most of my cacti from the local supermarkets and greenhouses. Most of these stores will sell you the plant but will not give you any information about it. This is the reason why I needed a book that would help me identify my cacti and give me care instructions specific to each species. Well, that is exactly what this book will do for you.
The author of the book makes no assumptions about your background (you don't need to be a biologist or anything to benefit from it).
The very first section provides a guide that helps you narrow down the possible genera of your cacti by simply looking at its basic shape and other visible characteristics (like type of spines, number of ribs, type of clustering, etc.). Once you've chosen a set of possible genera, you go to the main section and look inside the chapter corresponding to each of the genera you chose. Inside each chapter you will find an item for each species that belongs to that genus. Each of these items contains a color photograph which will make it very easy to make a final decision about what species your cactus belongs to.
Each item will give you additional information like a list of synonyms for the species, a brief paragraph describing the plant, its country of origin, cultivation details, the shape of the plant (when fully grown), it tells you whether it is day or night flowering, the length of the flowering period, how much light it needs, the type of compost it needs, and the minimum temperature required.
As a bonus, the book contains a brief section about cultivation techniques (only four pages long).

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