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Скачать Costa Rica: A Global Studies Handbook бесплатно

Meg Mitchell, Scott Pentzer “Costa Rica: A Global Studies Handbook"
ABC-CLIO | 2008-02-21 | ISBN: 1851099921 | 367 pages | PDF | 5,75 MB

This work is a fascinating guide to one of Latin America's most stable and progressive nations, examining the country's development, unique features, and the challenges Costa Ricans face in the 21st century.Unique among Latin American countries, Costa Rica boasts a stable, socially progressive democracy and an exceptionally high level of development. Although one of the smallest countries in the region, it is highly attractive to U.S. vacationers and companies, who are drawn to its natural beauty and favorable business climate, yet many know little of its history."Costa Rica: A Global Studies Handbook" offers readers an authoritative tour of a remarkable country, tracing its historical development from pre-Colombian inhabitants and Spanish colonization through rising prosperity in the mid-19th century to current struggles to define itself economically and politically."Costa Rica" combines narrative chapters on the nation's history and the current state of its political, social, and cultural institutions with alphabetically organized entries covering important people, places, and events in its development. Throughout, the authors, drawing on extensive research and their own experiences, highlight the many ways Costa Rica is different from its neighbors, as well as the challenges the country faces in the 21st century's globalized world.

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