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Скачать Encyclopedia of United States Army Insignia and Uniforms бесплатно

Encyclopedia of United States Army Insignia and Uniforms by William K. Emerson
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press 1996-09 | 674 Pages | ISBN: 0806126221 | HTML | 23 MB

This is a great reference book if you are a Militaria collector.

As an avid collector of US Army cloth insignia from WWI to modern day,I had failed to do any research on branch insignia preferring the more colourful shoulder sleeve insignia.However as with all collecting one finds themselves the need for more information on all types of insignia worn on the uniform.This masterpiece of work fills this for all collectors of US Army insignia.This is a must have and an indispencible tool for the serious collector/historian.I personally rank William K Emerson's book along side that of Shelby L Stanton's order's of battle books for the amount of time, energy and finally the monumentous task of gathering and putting all this information together in one single volume. To this I must add the name of J Duncan Campbell listed in the preface.
This book is much improved by not just being a catalog of insignia but identifies the clothing upon which it was worn, thus facilitating its use for identification.
Every major research library should have this in its collection along with his other mighty work Chevrons.
This book would primarily appeal to collectors. It is extensive in its coverage of the history of insignias and it also is liberally illustrated. A definite must have for the collector.

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