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Скачать Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture бесплатно

Sandra Buckley "Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture"
Routledge | 2001-12-14 | ISBN: 0415143446 | 648 pages | PDF | 4,2 MB

Offering extensive coverage, this is a new reference that reflects the vibrant, diverse and evolving culture of modern Japan, spanning from the end of the Japanese Imperialist period in 1945 to the present day.
Covering areas such as literature, film, architecture, food, health, political economy, religion, and technology, entries range from shorter definitions, histories or biographies to longer overview essays giving an in-depth treatment of major issues.. Suggestions for further reading, a comprehensive system of cross-referencing, a thematic contents list and an extensive index all help navigate the reader around the encyclopedia and on to further study.
With over 700 alphabetically arranged entries, this comprehensive work will be an invaluable reference tool for students of Japanese and Asian Studies, as well as providing a fascinating insight into Japanese culture for the general reader
Entries include: Acupuncture * Aerospace Industry * Cherry Blossoms * Commuting * Department Stores* Economic Recovery * Employment * Environment and Anti-Pollution * Exporting Japanese Culture * Feminism * Information Society * Japanese Management Systems * Karaoke * Literacy * New Religions * Noodles * Poetry * Silk * Tokyo Olympics * Yen * and many more.

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