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Скачать Social Trends & Indicators USA (4 Vol. Set) бесплатно

Arsen J. Darnay, Monique D. Magee, Helen S. Fisher "Social Trends & Indicators USA (4 Vol. Set)"
Thomson Gale | 2003-01 | ISBN: 0787659061 | 2000 pages | PDF | 7,7 MB

Social Trends & Indicators – The Concept
The idea for this series, Social Trends & Indicators USA, arose because we are inundated by statistics, but the meaning of the numbers is often elusive. We are getting outrageously obese, for instance, yet we are living longer. Layoffs are devastating sectors, yet the economy seems to be booming. We are the most educated society on earth, yet Johnny can’t read. The crime rate is dropping, but we do not feel safe. The workweek is shrinking, yet we never have time. The Federal Government’s many statistical agencies produce a great wealth of superb data. We are undoubtedly the best documented and most measured society that has ever existed. Newspapers attractively box factoids to amaze or to alarm us. Competing interests marshal their data to make their cases, often omitting numbers that do not bolster the argument. Statistics become catch-phrases. The rich fabric of our national experience is
thinned by the speed and noise of the mass media attempting to “infotain” us...

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