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Скачать Concise Encyclopedia of Professional Services Marketing бесплатно

Robert E Stevens, Kenneth E. Clow "Concise Encyclopedia of Professional Services Marketing"
Routledge | 2008-11-17 | ISBN: 0789036908 | 180 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

"Concise Encyclopedia of Professional Services Marketing" provides readers with a detailed account of the concepts and strategies necessary to successfully market professional services and grow a business. Complete with practical information relevant to a wide range of professionals - including accountants, architects, attorneys, consultants, dentists, engineers, and physicians - this guidebook is an indispensable reference for anyone looking to learn the concepts and applications needed to market professional services. In addition to essay-length articles arranged from A to Z, and detailed expositions of both the theories and practical techniques necessary to formulating and executing a successful marketing plan, "Concise Encyclopedia of Professional Services Marketing" contains an appendix of information on launching a multimedia advertising campaign, with special focus on effective website design and other contemporary media formats.For anyone creating their own business or looking to expand an already existing one, "Concise Encyclopedia of Professional Services Marketing" is a comprehensive and vital reference.

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