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Скачать FITZROY DEARBORN: Encyclopedia of the Essay бесплатно

Encyclopedia of the Essay
ISBN 0203303687 | edition 2006 | PDF | 2191 pages | 11.2 mb

The entries in this book were chosen primarily by the advisory board (listed on page ix), with advice from contributors when appropriate. Choosing what is to go in reference books is notoriously difficult. There are the subjects that must obviously have entries, and those that must obviously not. In between lies a vast block of those for which an argument can be made for or against. This is where the problems lie, and I expect our choices will inevitably raise a few quibbles. Some gaps reflect the nature of the essay and essay scholarship rather than ignorance. There are markedly fewer entries on women, for instance, because historically women’s
opinions have not been encouraged, certainly not in written form. Moreover, when women did write they usually chose genres that made them money; the essay has not been known for being lucrative. In the 20th century women at last gained both leisure
time and an authoritative voice; that change is reflected here in the greater number of entries on contemporary women writers. Nor does every country have a survey, even when there are several entries on individuals. Italian essay writing, for example, dates
from Machiavelli, but there has never yet been any consideration of the Italian essay as a whole.

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